Cition Capital is a Cayman Island-based hedge fund with portfolios following different investment approaches in several different asset classes, such as in Forex, Commodities, Public Equities, Private Equity and Fixed Assets, such as Real Estate.

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Merging Successful Fund and Asset Management Expertise

The roots of Cition Capital stem from its principals’ deep expertise within both the fund and asset management sectors. After years of delivering extraordinary returns to investors through their trading strategies, it was decided to establish an investment fund in order to offer the opportunity on a large scale. The well-established fund managers from Singapore were the ideal partner.

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Built on High-Trust Relationships

Cition Capital’s success story stems from relationships built on trust. The unique investment structure, build solely on performance-based remuneration without lock-up, enabled us to establish high-trust investor relationships over the past years. This structure, combined with the extensive market knowledge and application of advanced algorithms, has contributed to the success of the investment strategies, as well as our longstanding investor relationships.

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Building and Preserving Wealth

Sustainability is paramount, which is why in all fund facets, Cition Capital works exclusively with high-quality partners from the investment fund industry. That's why 2 top-tier banks were chosen as well as a "big-four" auditor to validate all high performing investment funds and opportunities. The partners include:

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